How do you present yourself? Infographic Resumes

A couple of years ago I started exploring the world of data visualization and infographics, and how it was starting to move into the way we present ourselves through our resumes. Since then, the idea of infographic visual resumes has exploded. Some careers lend themselves quite naturally to infographic resumes I guess, such as those in graphic design, art or even interior design. But how about the rest of us? Does it make sense to move towards a redefinition of the way we present ourselves or it makes more sense to stick to the tried-and-true traditional resume format.

I got so inspired by Randy Krum’s infographic resume’s data bank that during the last October break I decided to rework my résumé (and the rest of my professional portfolio) and give it a try, since I was thinking in pursuing my next career move. After getting very useful feedback from Kurt Mecklem, my former MHS principal at Cebu International School, and Wayne Demnar, my former Elementary School Principal at Beijing BISS International School, I decided to give my Infographic resume a go.

I also thought that since I decided to explore job opportunities in schools I had the sense that were forward thinking schools, the experiment was worth the risk. A school that would be turned off by my resume is probably not a school I’d want to work anyway.

My goals were:

  • My Resume shouldn’t be longer than 2 pages and everything included in it should be worth reading.
  •  It needed to enable a school administrator to visualize my career history, education and skills within a 10 seconds reading.
  • Showcase my tech skills and creativity, showing that I can actually walk the walk so to speak.
  • It needed to stand up among the rest of resumes.
I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve got, but I am still struggling with some of the graphs. How do you measure and visualize things like interpersonal skills?
It all ended up being a very successful experiment since I was offered before Christmas a Technology Resource Facilitator position at Saigon South International School. Just the right job, at the right school and back in the Tropics. A perfect match!
What do you think? Is it too risky to send a resume like this? Is there something missing? (I haven’t included a professional development section due to lack of space). Is it giving enough information about the candidate? Does it make you want to know more about the candidate?


One thought on “How do you present yourself? Infographic Resumes

  • February 12, 2019 at 1:28 pm

    what program did you use to create this visual resume?


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