Digital Stories that change cultures and boost literacy.

Storytelling is one of the most ancient forms of communication. Before there were cameras, computers, or even books, stories held the knowledge of all civilization.

The story form is problem, resolution, transformation, character development, plot flow, all these things that take the information within a container. The story is an information container and all these aspects are the ones that bring the story together into a form that can be remembered.

This is why a group of our EC/ES teachers got together last week to create something very special for our students, a music video to instill in our community a love for reading. (If you haven’t seen it, I encourage you to watch it.)


What a wonderful way to kick off Literacy week while showing students a different way in which stories can be told.

Maybe watching this music video made students feel happier, maybe they felt inspired, maybe they learnt something new, maybe they laughed out loud, (or maybe they cried). But our students love to read and listen to stories, and I know for sure that this one will be remembered and it may also inspire them to tell their own.

This is the power of sharing stories. They invite more stories. And I don’t know of a better way to help our students practice grammar, expand their vocabulary, and share their ideas with others.

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