Multimedia Technologies: Value Writing More than Ever

Common Craft videos are paper slide video projects that begin with a story that is drawn on individual pieces of paper. Students then work in groups to record the video. With an iPad mounted on a tripod students can then narrate while moving the paper slides. Common Craft videos are a great way for students to develop media production, writing and oral skills.

The 2nd grade class just finished their first round of videos and they are all looking really good:

IMG_1572-300x224Take a look at the 2nd Grade blog too if you have the chance. Students have been commenting on each others videos and giving feedback for improvement. You might want to leave a comment too!

As a highly innovative school, SSIS teachers know that adapting writing instruction to technology can enhance their literacy horizons without sacrificing the fundamentals.

We understand that solid conventional writing skills are the basis for filmmaking, and that before applying more advanced technical skills, students need to know the basics of how to shape a story or build an argument.



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