Vibrant Vietnam Film Festival

vibrantWhat an outstanding “Vibrant Vietnam Film Festival” last night.  During the evening, short documentaries made by Grade 4 students were screened for the public.  Each documentary explored the question “How do Vietnamese culture and geographic features influence each other?”
The evening was a great success and proved to set the standard for how we celebrate learning at the culmination of a Super Unit.  Some of the reasons it was successful:
  • Timing: Held at night, it was a special time easily attended by parents.
  • Setting: The auditorium was decorated, red carpet and all, to have a feeling of ‘Cannes Film Festival’
  • Authenticity: The celebration event, a film festival, was an approximation of something that occurs in the world outside of school.
  • Purpose: The overarching question, enduring understanding, and essential questions were communicated to the parents, by the students, at the beginning of the event.
  • Brochure: The brochure for the evening was BEAUTIFUL- very professional, and I wisht all our brochures that we distribute to parents would look like this.
  • Budget: A small budget was allocated to the event so that food and drink could be purchased, making the evening special.
  • Team Effort: All grade 4 teachers, TAs, and related specialists and coaches were actively involved in the unit.  This led to a very celebratory feeling.
  • Trans-disciplinary: evidence of language, technology, science, social studies, music, visual arts, and more was exhibited during the evening.  Parents go to understand what a Super Unit really is.

This list might begin to serve as a guide for our future Learning Celebrations at the end of each super unit.  Congratulations, again, to all staff members involved.  Your hard work yielded great results!

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