About Me

Hi, my name is Alfredo and I am a Technology and Design Coach at Taipei American School. A Maker, occasional speaker and Seymour Papert devotee, my interests and abilities lie primarily in the areas of Physical Computing, multimedia creation and languages, both human and computer-based. He has had the opportunity to teach students of different levels, nationalities and academic backgrounds in the UK, Spain, the Philippines, China, Vietnam and Taiwan

An Apple Distinguished Educator, part of my work as a technology and innovation specialist focuses on empowering educators to create the future they want to see in schools in ways that spark innovation, while trying to shift the pendulum back to Papertian ideals.

In my free time, I enjoy helping my wife design hi-tech costumes for my daughter, while trying to finish my engineering degree. These costumes traditionally involve microcontrollers, 3D printing, sensors, and some degree of impracticality.

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