Technology & Design Coach at Taipei American School. Apple Distinguished Educator and Google Apps for Education Certified teacher.


Career Highlights

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  • Instructional Designer & Coach for 1:1 iPad and Mac programs.
  • Instructional Designer & Coach for STEAM programs.
  • Design and facilitation of MakerSpaces
  • Technology Coach at LS, MS and HS (Including PYP, MYP and DP)
  • Coordination of MakerFairs and STEAM events
  • Conference Presenter – 21st Century Learning Hong Kong
  • Learning2 Asia Leader & Speaker – HCMC (2017) and Shanghai (2018)
  • Vietnam Tech Conference Organizing Committee Member/Presenter(2013-2018)
  • Director of Digital Media – Early Years Exchange (Virtual Conference)  (2020-Present)

Events and Conferences

I am always is search of opportunities to collaborate with educational institutions to help empower educators to create the future we want to see in schools. Take a look at some of the conferences I have spoken at or workshops that I will be running in the future.



Video Production

I have produced and edited videos for Beijing BISS International School, Saigon South International School, Taipei American, School, Vietnam Tech Conference, and the Early Years Exchange. My video skills include interviewing, editing, producing, scripting, shooting, and sharing. I am experienced with DSLR video production, along with software such as Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, and After Effects.  I am also well versed in audio field recording and audio editing software.



About Me

Hi, my name is Alfredo and I am the Elementary School Technology Coach at Taipei American School. An Apple Distinguished Educator and Google Apps for Education Certified teacher, my interests and abilities lie primarily in the areas of Physical Computing, multimedia creation and languages, both natural and computer-based. I have had the opportunity to teach students of different levels, nationalities and academic backgrounds in UK, Spain, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Taiwan, and all levels, from Pre K to University. I have  taught  PYP, MYP and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. Part of my work at TAS focuses on empowering educators to create the future we want to see in schools, in ways that spark innovation, harness internal capacities, and boost community agency.   ……

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